Sudan: President Al-Bashir's arrest

Arrest Warrant for Guilty President


            In order to have a successful and strong country, a successful and strong government is needed. Sudan is a perfect example of a failed government leading to a broken country.  Sudan’s president, Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, is the main cause of the destruction.  Al-Bashir has been charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity, and he has been responsible for the terrible genocide in Darfur.  Some believe that arresting the president would lead to further destruction of the country, but arresting Al-Bashir is completely necessary and crucial.  President Al-Bashir should be arrested.  
            The president has been in charge of brutal crimes in war and humanity.  Al-Bashir began these crimes by creating an armed militia of local Arabics called Janjaweed.  Sudan has a long history of using terrorist groups like the Janjaweed to gain control of farmland. Islamic North Arab Nomads would use this farmland for new grazing lands (terrorist planet.).  This farmland is what has been supporting the Janjaweed’s slaughter.   These military groups organized by Al-Bashir have been raiding parts of Darfur and constructing mass murders, rape, and destruction.  These crimes were against innocent people of Darfur who were uninvolved in any armed conflict.  When Al-Bashir was charged with these crimes, he threatened to expel any international peacekeeping forces if the warrant was issued.  Though, under international law, Sudan is obligated to protect its civilians, so the arrest warrant does not change these obligations or have any impact on the peace agreements (Human Rights Watch.)  Threatening to end peace treaties and creating raids and military groups are not qualities that are supposed to come from a great president.             These war and humanity crimes that Al-Bashir created have been the cause of the Darfur Genocide.  Al-Bashir not only ordered these attacks, but also has been overseeing the entire Genocide.  He has not been making any important changes to help the Genocide, and he makes excuses for all the problems he causes.  Al-Bashir clearly intended to start Genocide.  Moreno-Ocampo, a prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, says, “His motives were largely political. His intent was genocide.  For over five years, armed forces and the militia/janjawid, on al-Bashir’s orders, have attacked and destroyed villages.  They then pursued the survivors into the desert” (New York Times.)  Due to Bashir’s creation of this Genocide, 300,000 people are dead and 2.7 million have fled their home and some are now at refugee camps.  Al-Bashir carefully constructed his plans for the Genocide, and did not do it all alone.  Being the president, Bashir has a right to control armed rebellions to control his territory, but he has no right to commit genocide just to control his territory.  Moreno-Ocampo also comments on Al-Bashir’s method of Genocide: “The most efficient method to commit genocide today in front of our eyes is gang rapes, rapes against girls and rapes against 70-year-old women.  Babies born as a result have been called Janjawid babies and this has led to an explosion of infanticide (killing newborn infants.)  Al-Bashir is executing this genocide without gas chambers, without bullets and without machetes.  The desert will do it for them…hunger is the weapon of this genocide as well as rape” (New York Times.)  If this is not proof enough of Bashir’s disgusting crimes, then just imagine 300,000 people dead because of one president.             President Al-Bashir should clearly be arrested.  His crimes and creation of the Darfur Genocide have destroyed the country of Sudan.  Unless some serious measures are taken to stop this Genocide, Sudan is going to keep falling apart.    The first step to a better future in Sudan would be to arrest President Al-Bashir.  Sudan would then be able to find a better and nondestructive leader who can lead the country to less war.  To stop this Genocide, the terrorist attacks on parts of Darfur need to end and Al-Bashir is the one controlling them.  If President Al-Bashir of Sudan is arrested and replaced, the war crimes and genocide will go down with him.                                       
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